вторник, 24 марта 2020 г.

6А (25 марта)

Hello, my dear students!
Let's start our lesson. I hope you are fine today.

Here is what you should do today:

1. Remember the topical vocabulary "Clothes"
    Do ex. 5 p. 80 (textbook)

Now describe one of these pictures (in your copy-books). Use ex. 5 as a model.

!Take a picture of your description and send me (VK or pisukova.vera@gmail.com) till 12.00.

2. Remember the words which we use in plural form only (только во мн. ч.)  - p. 72-73.
 Do ex. 9 p. 74-75

3. What is his/her favourite pastime? Ex. 3 p. 76 (orally)

1. ex. 2 p. 82 (in written form)
2. Write about your favourite pastime (3-4 sentences)

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