среда, 25 марта 2020 г.

Good morning, dear students!

I hope you're fine today.

Today we are going to revise the topic "Sports".
Here is our plan:
1. Do you know what sports are popular in Britain?
    Popular sports in Britain  (interactive)
What sports are popular in Russia? What sports are popular with your friends? And what about you? (Write your answers)

2. Learn about "sporty" verbs. Make a list of  word combinations in your copybooks
                  GO                              DO                                   PLAY
                skating                         sport                                  chess
                   ...                                ...                                       ...

Write down this note, complete it with  go, do, play

We normally use :
_______ with team sports and ball sports

______ with sports ending in –ing.

______ with individual sports not ending in –ing.

NOTE: We use do with combat sports even if they end in –ing: do karate, do boxing

Now try to define which verbs to use (interactive task)    https://learningapps.org/1632135

3. Do 2 tasks on Skyeng.

! Send me the photo of your classwork. (VK or pisukova.vera@gmail.com) just after the lesson.

Answer these questions in written form. Send it in the evening.

-What is your favourite sport?
-What sport do you like to watch?
-Who is your favourite sportsperson and why?
-What sport do you do?
–What sports games are you good at?
-What ball games can you play at school?

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