К уроку 26 ноября (пятница)


Study and write down your new vocabulary:

Do ex. 4 (A, B) p. 89

Do ex. 6 p. 90-91 

A - learn to read these geographical names, find them on the map. ==>LISTEN

B - read the text and match its parts with the titles.

Homework assignment

Written: Ask 10 questions on the text (p. 91)

Learn new words

К уроку 24 ноября (среда)

Good morning, students!

Today we start learning about the USA. How much do you know about this country across the ocean?

1. Read the text (ex. 3A p. 85) and match the titles with the paragraphs.

Listen to the text , then read it aloud (record your reading and send it to me)

Answer the questions (written):

  1. What is the New World?
  2. Why can we say that the USA is the country of immigrants?
  3. Where from did immigrants come to America?
  4. What kind of country is the USA?
2. Study the list of irregular verbs on p. 86.
    Do ex. 5 p. 86-87 (answer the questions, record your answers and send me)

3. Do ex.9 p. 87 (written)

К домашнему заданию на 20 октября

Прочитайте текст вслух. У вас есть 1.5 минуты на подготовку и 1.5-2 минуты на чтение. Запишите голосовое сообщение

Домашнее задание на 29 сентября

1. Make derivatives. Use suffixes -er, -tion.

collect, decorate, examine, drive, rule, take, illustratre, dictate, teach, shop, listen, calculate, educate, make, swim, dance, sell, celebrate


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