Домашнее задание на 10 марта

Complete the sentences

Задание на 14 декабря

Make up sentences

Задание к уроку 14 октября

Фотография как вид искусства

1. Watch this video https://youtu.be/wcnktadCSbs?t=11 and read the 1st part of the text on p. 41-42 (ex. 47). 

Do you consider photography to be an art or science? Start a discussion in your VK community . Express your point of view, react your classmates' opinions.

2. Read the 2nd part of the text. Has your opinion changed or has it been supported? Leave your message in the community.

3. Are you interested in photography? Have you ever tried your hand on it? What is your best snapshot? Tell us what you like to photograph. You may also show your best snapshot.

Задание к уроку 13 октября

Современное искусство: выставки и музеи. Работа над текстом “Галерея Серпентайн. Выставка Келли Эльсуорт”

Visit Serpentine Gallery website https://www.serpentinegalleries.org and find out more info about it. 

Ask your groupmates 3 questions about the gallery (its history, artists, exhibitions). Answer your mates' questions. Leave your messages in your VK community 

Read the information about Kelly Ellsworth (Student's Book p. 40), visit https://ellsworthkelly.org to learn more about the artist and his paintings.  Write about your impressions. Send your answer to me till 2 p.m. 

Задание к элективному курсу

Topic: The National Parks of the UK

Surf the Internet and find out which of the UK's national parks is

  • the smallest 
  • the biggest
  • the youngest
  • the oldest
  • the most visited
  • the northernmost 
  • was designated as a hunting ground by William the Conqueror
  • what is the total area of all national park in the UK
Write a short report about one of the national parks.

Задание к уроку 12 октября

Read the text "Sunflowers" (ex. 41 p. 37), make a list of unknown words and try to answer all the questions in the text (written).

Задание к уроку 7 октября

Good morning, dear students!

Study the information on pages 191-193 (Grammar reference), make notes in your copy-books. 

Do ex. 38 on p. 35-36

Do the test ==> https://onlinetestpad.com/qj2tfgs275v6y

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