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Домашнее задание 11-а

I. Underline the subject and the predicate. Write the type of predicate.
1. The content of fluorine in mineral water makes it an excellent prophylactic agent
against tooth decay.
2. Hollywood film producers have been regularly budgeting millions of dollars for a film.
3. When she got angry, her voice sounded shrill.
4. For towns in remote areas the airplane is the only means of external communication.
5. About 55 percent of those exiled to Siberia in czarist Russia were not sentenced by
judicial process.
6. Strong winds flowing over weaker ones can cause tornadoes.
7. Eric arrived at the lab next morning full of suppressed excitement.
8. The Polish kings wanted to subjugate Cossacks but they failed.
9. People living in a foreign country face many problems.
10. Harris grew more cheerful.
11. We made up our minds to set a fire alarm in case of fire.
12. He soon fell fast asleep in my arms, sobbing at longer intervals.

II. Rewrite the sentence in the correct order.
1.We, waited, in the rain, for one or two hours, patiently.
2. The plane, for about twenty minutes, slowly, flew, around Heathrow Airport.
3. They, worked, on Sunday, in the studio, hard.
4. I, walked, after getting the news, slowly, to the end of the road.
5. I, had, written, about their children, frequently.

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